Khanyi Mbau reveals plans of looking like the blue Avatar character




Khanyi Mbau has shared her plans that she would be changing her look to a blue Avatar character.

One thing about her is that she is less concern  about what people think of her look.

According to her, she is not done with her looks since she has achieved the “barbie doll” look, she is looking for something new and different.

Khanyi achieved the look by sporting a much lighter complexion and smaller frame.

By looking like a blue Avatar, she means the alien-like people from the movie Avatar by James Cameron.

In her words, she knows a lot of people like her but she likes herself more.

Although she already deleted it, the star shared a snippet of where she made the statement.

She said during an interview with Pearl Thusi on Behind the Story with Pearl that she’s more concerned with herself than others.

She said: “Your loyalty lies with yourself first. I’m glad they like me, but I like myself more.“



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