These 7 signs indicate that you are too needy in a relationship



Who doesn’t want some extra love and care from their partner in a relationship?

Sometimes we all become needy and demanding and want something or the other from our partner. It’s okay to have emotional needs but sometimes we just end up crossing a line without even realising it.

Being emotionally needy every now and then is alright as long as you’re not being too needy.

Relationships where one person is constantly needy usually end up in a big mess. Being too needy is usually a deal-breaker in relationships.

Wanting some extra attention is much different from always wanting your partner’s attention and this can often turn your relationship toxic, which don’t usually last long.

So, here’s seven ways to spot the signs if you’re being too needy and damaging in a relationship.

Here are some signs that you’re needy

1. You’re constantly worrying about your partner and can’t help but stress about them and keep asking them about there whereabouts. Not knowing how they’re feeling and where they are and all the other details makes you very anxious.

2. You always need your partner to assure you and make you feel secure. You are always scared about the way they feel need to know that they love you and will be there by your side. They always need reassurance and validation all the time.

3. You always don’t want to let your partner out of your sight. You always want them close to you and get anxious when they’re away. You keep telling them to stay close even when you’re out at event or parties.

4. You are very attached to your partner and start feeling when low when they’re not around. Even if they go away for a little while you start feeling uncomfortable and depressed.

5. You’re very quick to drop your plans and change things in your life as per your partner’s need. You just cancel plans whenever your partner wants to be with you. You always too available.

6. You beg and plead with them to spend more time with you and no matter how much time they spend with you, it’s never enough and you keep asking for more.

7. You’re always stalking them on social media and checking their pictures and stories and leaving them comments and liking all their posts and retweeting their tweets which can be a little suffocating.

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