Court sentences former JMPD officer for attempted murder in Bara taxi rank



Court has sentenced a former JMPD officer for shooting a woman.

Ex-constable Donald Nyiko Mpangela was found guilty of attempted murder by the Orlando magistrate’s court earlier this year.

He was sentenced on Tuesday to three years imprisonment, wholly suspended for five years, 24 months.

His jail term will be under correctional supervision.

He was accused of injuring a woman after he shot at a fleeing taxi.

According to Ipid spokesperson, Ndileka Cola, the matter was thoroughly investigated and all necessary information and evidence were provided hence, his conviction.

The incident occurred in 2015 during an operation by the Johannesburg metro police officers.

“As alleged, on October 1 2015, the JMPD officials were conducting an operation next to Bara taxi rank, checking the roadworthy status of the taxis,” she said.

“A certain taxi approached the police. The driver did not stop when stopped by the police officers and instead it sped off.”

“A JMPD official, Donald Mpangela, shot at the fleeing taxi. Unfortunately, a woman who was seated in the back seat was shot in her back and taken to hospital for treatment.”

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