Agrizzi remains unconscious in ICU, says lawyer


Former ANC MP Vincent Smith and Angelo Agrizzi appeared at the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court.

Former Bosasa COO – Angelo Agrizzi still remains unconscious and currently in the ICU.

His lawyer – Daniel Witz said the correctional services department has refused to let anyone pay a visit to him in the unit.

He was transferred from a public hospital to a private hospital.

Moreover, Agrizzi was unable to come before the court alongside his co-accused – former ANC MP Vincent Smith, on 1 October, on charges relating to corruption citing illness.

However, he was not granted bail after less than two weeks, despite his claims to be ill.

After he spent a night in jail, Agrizzi was moved to a public hospital due to his breathing issues.

On Monday, he was later transferred to an undiclosed private hospital.

According to his lawyer, he said:

Agrizzi was intubated when transferred and was immediately transferred to the ICU where there were continued attempts to stabilise him.”

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