Sometimes it’s really hard to decipher whether your friend is a genuine one or is completely fake. Untrustworthy, fake friends are the worst.

They show that they care, but unknowingly behind your back, betray you without even blinking an eye.

While we do our best to keep away from such backstabbers, it’s really hard to identify such people. Astrological signs can be a great way to evaluate one’s personality.

Hence, we bring to you these zodiac signs who you shouldn’t really trust.

1. Aries

Claiming to be a loyal and good friend of yours, people of these zodiac signs are more likely to betray your first. Their actions are sometimes very questionable. If they feel that you won’t be beneficial to them, they won’t waste minutes to hang out with you. They’ll go and choose someone else as quickly as possible.

2. Gemini

They change sides as frequently as chameleons. They can seem to be your friend one moment and hate you the next or can come back to being our friend the very next day. They are very two-faced. She might agree with you but if someone else bad-mouthes you behind your back, they’ll actually agree with them.

3. Scorpio

They are the most unpredictable among the whole zodiac lot. If there’s an argument or a misunderstanding, they won’t eve wait for your explanation. Rather, they will straight off cut ties with you and say horrible things. This is their way of telling that they’re done with you. Other time, they can even lay low and wait for a chance to stab you in the back, because you mean nothing to them.

4. Leo

They are big-time opportunists. They will even ditch their friends to rise to the top when a good chance comes their way. They don’t even hesitate to do that and are also prone to stealing someone else’s opportunity. They are mean, fickle-minded and can easily turn their heads away. They won’t even step back to help someone up.

5. Pisces

They can seem like an amazing friend at first. However, they can stab you in the back at the very chance they get. They can make you their ‘practice friend’ meaning they will quickly shift to a more popular group of friends when they get the chance. Till then, they’ll only stick with you for the sake of it. They can also easily lie to get out of any situation.