8 subtle signs you’re on the verge of being ghosted



Ghosting happens suddenly, but it doesn’t “just happen.”

There aren’t often signs that the guy in your life is getting ready to disappear from it altogether without a trace.

If you don’t want to be blindsided, here are some common signs to be on the lookout for:

1. You’av lost your communication mojo

You and your boyfriend used to be able to talk about anything and there was always an interesting subject on the cards. Lately, it feels like you’ve lost your spark. It might even feel a bit awkward to talk, like you don’t have much to say.

2. He’s not as on the ball as he used to be

He used to be the kind of boyfriend who was really attentive, but now, not so much. An example is with texting. He can take ages to reply to your missed calls and texts without being sorry about it or giving you a valid reason why.

3. His best friend wonder where you are

You bump into his best friend and the guy asks where you’ve been, as though you’ve been the one too busy to hang out with your BF and his friends. Um, no. Clearly your boyfriend has been slowly fading you out of his social life.

4. He doesn’t have as much time for you anymore

Your dates used to go on for hours, but now it’s like he’s rushing through them. He might claim to be so busy he has to head back to the office, but you know better. Soon, he’ll be too busy to see you at all.

5. He zones out on you regularly

He might ask you how your day was, but it often looks like he zones out when you talk or he just doesn’t remember to ask about important stuff you’re going through. It’s like your life doesn’t matter to him anymore.

6. He only has sex with you when he’s drunk

A change in sexual habits can point to the guy not wanting to be with you anymore, so if it seems like he’s never in the mood or only heads to the bedroom when he’s had a few drinks, it could be a bad sign that he’s losing interest. It’s even worse if he doesn’t talk about it because it means he doesn’t want to work on the problems in your relationship.

7. He only want to see you at night

If he’s no longer available during the day but then booty calls you at night, he’s clearly hoping to downgrade you from girlfriend to fling. Things are fading — fast — and he’s hoping to get sex out of it for as long as he can. It’s also easier for him to ghost a fling than a girlfriend, so this is very convenient for him.

8. He excuses bad behavior in other guys

When you talk about your guy friend who’s been cheating on his GF or not replying to her texts, your BF doesn’t agree with you that he’s being a jerk. Rather, he’s quick to excuse the guy’s behavior. Hmm. Could it be because he’s about to do the same thing to you?

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