Wild animal parts discovered dumped in Port Elizabeth’s beachfront suburbs


A flabbergasted jogger found this zebra’s head and skin alongside La Roche Drive, in Humewood, on Tuesday.

A Summerstrand resident found another grisly discovery of animal parts lying on the street while she was having her morning walk.

On Thursday, Carol Jean Fourie discovered a liver and other internal organs lying on Bloe Street, about 3km away from the area where the head and skin of a zebra was discovered earlier this week.

The head and skin were discovered by Humewood resident – Caroline Ferriera while she was taking a jog along La Roche Drive, in Humewood, on Tuesday morning.

Describing the latest discovery, Fourie said:

Just as my daughter and I were walking past at about 7am, I saw this black bag that was slightly open with flies humming around so I went closer to see what it is.”

When I saw what looked like big parts of liver, stomach, and other parts I thought, ‘Oh My God, this must be part of the zebra I read about’,” Fourie said.

However, NMU spokesperson Zandile Mbabela said after they got alerted to the discovery, staff at the nature reserve had carried out a headcount of its zebras and no animals were missing.

If the NMU nature reserve is not missing any zebras, then it would have been taken from somewhere else and either slaughtered somewhere near Summerstrand or thrown there.

It’s a mystery,” Nogwaja said on Thursday.

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