7 struggles of an on-again, off-again relationship



Loving someone isn’t always easy — anyone who’s been in on-again, off-again relationship can agree.

Sometimes it’s so tiring, but your desire to make things work begins a cycle that isn’t necessarily healthy.

Many people on the outside might advise to break things off for good, but you truly don’t understand why that might not be so simple until you find yourself in one.

So what is it like to never know where you are in your relationship with someone? Here are 7 struggles of an on-again, off-again relationship:

1. Giving up on changing your relationship status

You were very excited to tell the world you found love at first, and then sad to update everyone that it didn’t work out. After the first few times, you’ve learned to keep the information to yourself because you’re starting to look crazy. You wish you could be like other couples who could stay together long enough to keep things public.

2. Having friends who are tired of it

This type of relationship is emotionally draining to those involved, not only because of the never ending repetitive cycle, but because it’s isolating. Friends no longer want to hear about your relationship, because you can never make up your mind and can’t seem to listen to good advice.

3. Forever feeling unstable

A fight is no longer just a fight after you’ve broken up a couple of times. Because you’ve both ended your relationship repeatedly, you always think it’s going to happen again, and so it does. You don’t fully trust your partner to stick around since they haven’t before.

4. Experiencing heartbreak repeatedly

You might think that because you’re breaking up so often that you would be used to it, but you aren’t. You feel sad and depressed every time you two break up because you do actually want to make things work.

5. Never truly believing you are broken up

Knowing that there’s a possibility that the breakup won’t last can be truly hard to go through the process because you stick to the stage of denial instead of moving on. Although you’re not together, you find yourself caring about what your ex is doing and are possibly still trying to contact them to make amends.

6. Realizing there’s a thin line between love and hate

When stuck in this cycle, you realize that this isn’t just a saying. You love a certain part of someone, so you keep trying to make it work, but you hate another part of them, so you keep going separate ways. It’s tough to know which feeling is right, so you keep struggling with both.

7. Possibly having the same fight over and over

When two people break up there is a reason behind it. If you want to try again, then you have to acknowledge the problem, and many don’t. Instead, you try to pretend it doesn’t exist because you just want to be happy. However, that means the problem can just rear its ugly head again, and it totally will.

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