Agrizzi expected to take his bail bid to High Court


Angelo Agrizzi who is currently on life support in a private hospital is still trying to work out his bail application and was expected to tender his appeal to the South Gauteng High Court on Monday.

Agrizzi, who is a former COO of Bosasa, is faced with charges relating to corruption, for allegedly handing kickbacks to former ANC MP Vincent Smith.

Apparently, Smith who was charged alongside Agrizzi received R30,000 bail.

On the other side, Agrizzi was not granted bail due to his failure to make known his several investments in Italy, which included the purchase of a house, a luxury car, and having more than R13.5 million in cash in offshore accounts.

Agrizzi was put in a cell on October 14 but was transferred to hospital after his health worsened in the cell.

The true position is that as of February 6, 2019, the family-owned movable assets (excluding household furniture, jewellery, and art) was R35.6 million and not R2.65 million,” the National Prosecuting Authority said.

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