Kinnear’s murder suspect accused of attempting to murder prominent lawyer



On Monday, investigators disclosed that the man implicated in the murder top detective Charl Kinnear is also linked to an attempted hit on a prominent lawyer.

Kilian was arrested after detective Charl Kinnear was fatally shot outside his Bishop Lavis home.

Accused Zane Kilian was expected to make a bail bid in the Belville Regional Court on Monday.

The court heard that he had got additional charges to his charge sheet.

Conspiracy to committed murder charge and a count of fraud have been added to his charge sheet.

He is now accused of attempting to kill a lawyer, William Booth earlier this year.

Kilian is expected to appear at the Cape Town Magistrates Court on Tuesday to face the new charges.

The fraud charge relates to documentation outlining his registration as a private investigator.

Kilian’s defence lawyer, Eric Breyer, indicated that more charges had not been ruled out.

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