5 harsh truths about friendship you need to know



Be it a relationship or friendship, at times you need to accept a few harsh truths and move on so that you can be with a loving and trustworthy partner or friends.

It is our friends we develop a close relationship with outside our family members. There is probably no one in this world who doesn’t want to feel loved, but when you are with wrong people then you may never experience it.

So, we have listed some harsh facts about friendship, that you may not be knowing. Scroll down to read them.

1. Perfect friendship never exists

It goes beyond the saying that perfect humans never exist and therefore, there are no relationships that are flawless or perfect. Placing high expectations on your friends may take a toll on your friendship. Also, it is better to accept your friends the way they are. Rather than yelling at your friends’ flaws and imperfections, you can actually help them to become a better person.

2. At times, you may feel left out

Space is important, be it a friendship or relationship. If you are a true friend, then you will not intrude someone’s personal space. So, your friends may have other friends to hang out with. What you can do is simply accept this fact rather than let your ego get the best of you. Also, he or she may date someone. In that case, you may feel that your friend is giving importance to other people. Due to this, you may develop jealousy but then you need to respect their personal space rather than feeling insecure.

3. There can be conflicts in your friendship

Like relationships, friendships are not like walking in a garden of roses. There is no such friendship which is perfect and is untouched from conflicts. There can be times, when you may not agree with each other. You may feel irritated and annoyed at your friends but then you need to learn that no human is perfect. Rather than trying to change your friends, you can help them to develop a new and better perspective about life. What matters the most in your friendship is the way you accept each other.

4. Not everyone is meant to stay forever

You will come across many people in your life and develop a friendship with them. But that doesn’t mean they are meant to stay forever. At times things may go in an unexpected manner or you won’t feel connected to your friends any more. As a result, your friendship may hit a dead end. In that case, crying over your broken friendship is not a wise thing to do. In this case, you have to respect other people’s choices.

5. Having a squad is not necessary

Social media platforms have made us believe that people around us are having a perfect life. No one likes to share their imperfections with anyone and therefore, what we see is the filtered version of other’s lives. You may have seen people posting pictures with their friends under the ‘squad goals’ captions. Seeing those pictures, you may want to have your own friends circle where all of you are equally compatible with each other. But then you need to understand that having a squad is not necessary. You can live your life happily even if you have a friend or two.

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