Innocent Matijane on loosing everything just to pay his mother’s medical bills




Inno Matijana looks back at losing everything back in 2020 but he is not back down as he continues to get more bags.

According to the star, 2019 was a long and rough one for him as he had to lose his home, car to pay his mother’s medical bills.

Inno recounts that even with all he did, he still lost his mother after an operation but he never regretted it as his mother has now become his guardian angel, guiding him in the right direction from the heavens.

In the appreciation tweet, Matijane mentioned that he has just copped himself a brand-new Mercedes Benz without giving away too much information about his purchase, crediting the blessings from his mother and the man upstairs.

“Today I bought my new Mercedes Benz. Thank you God & momInno wrote.

In another tweet, the star tagged Nandi Madida as he thanked her for the support she showed him.

You are a sister to me. Always pushing me, supporting my career, checking up on me and you were supporting me even financially” he wrote.Recently, Inno revealed he is off the market as he confirmed his relationship with Aaron Moloisi.