6 myths about eggs you should stop believing



Easy-to-cook and one of the cheapest sources of protein, eggs are everyone’s favorite.

Packed with 6.3 grams of protein, vitamin A, B2. B6. B12 and D, zinc, iron and copper, eggs make for an excellent and healthy breakfast.

But even after being so nutritious, there are a number of myths that accuse eggs for not being so healthy. Today, in this article we debunk six absolutely crazy myths about eggs:

1. Eggs can cause pimple and acne

Well, this is false. Eating eggs cannot give you acne or pimple until you are allergic to them. You need to get a food allergy test done to know if eggs are causing any allergy on your skin.

2. Egg whites can harm your kidneys

Many people think that eating too many egg whites will damage their kidneys. But the truth is quite the opposite. Eating more protein (egg whites have protein) over time prevents you from developing any kidney related problems.

3. Eggs are only for fitness freaks

Eggs can be consumed by anyone, from a one year old baby to a 60-year-oldie. It’s a healthy and cheap source of protein, which should be consumed by everyone (if they like it).

4. ​There is a limit to consuming eggs

There is no limit to eating eggs, it all depends on your protein and fat requirement. But obviously, going overboard is never a good idea with anything.

5. Egg yolks are unhealthy

Though it’s true that egg yolks have more fat and protein but if consumed in moderation, they are not harmful. In fact, eggs yolks are great for preventing diabetes.

6. All eggs need to be refrigerated

Refrigerating eggs depends on which part of the country you live in. American eggs should be kept cold while in other countries they can be kept on the kitchen counter for days.

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