7 reasons you shouldn’t beg your partner to stay in a relationship



There is nothing more painful than the fact the person you love wholeheartedly, doesn’t love you back or reciprocate your feelings.

But what’s worse is when you have to beg your partner to stay in the relationship.

You may promise them that you will do things as per their whims and fancy, never complain about anything or even apologise when it is not your fault; but trust us this means losing your dignity and nothing else in a relationship.

There are numerous other reasons that can help you to know why is it foolish to beg someone to stay in the relationship. Scroll down to continue reading and know more!

1. You lose your self-respect

Begging someone who doesn’t want to share their life with you, is just like throwing away your self-respect. Since you will agree to change yourself and do whatever it takes to please your partner, you will eventually lose your self-worth. You won’t be the same person. Your partner may consider you worthless and treat you accordingly.

2. Your relationship hits a dead end

Understand that your relationship has already hit a dead end when you beg someone to stay in the relationship. Even if you succeed in saving your relationship, it doesn’t remain the same anymore. You may not receive love and respect from your partner like before. At times, you may feel that your partner is just doing a favour on you by staying with you. Moreover, it will be only you who will put effort and invest time and emotions in the relationship.

3. Your partner takes you for granted

Once your partner comes to know that you will do anything to save the relationship, he or she may take you for granted. Your partner will hardly care about your likes and dislikes. He or she may not consider any one of your advice and opinions because of making a decision. In fact, your partner may not share his or her plans, problems or thoughts with you.

4. You may go through sufferings

Since you have compelled your partner to stay in the relationship and are ready to make any sacrifices there is a high chance that you may go through a series of sufferings. By begging your partner to stay in the relationship, you are literally allowing him or her to treat you in a bad way. He or she may not respect your emotions and efforts. As a result, you may go through stress and restlessness.

5. Your partner may behave rudely with you

In a situation where you have begged your partner to stay in the relationship, your partner may turn out to be quite rude. He or she may not care about your feelings and give you a cold shoulder. Also, no matter what you do, he or she may get irritated easily as your partner no longer wants you. But since you are the one who is still holding the relationship from falling apart, your partner feels frustrated and irritated at you.

6. You will find yourself helpless

You may find yourself helpless in your relationship as you have already lost your worth in your partner’s life. Since you are not willing to leave your partner, he or she may treat you in a bad way and thus, you may find yourself helpless. Even if you try your best to revive the love and bonding between both of you, things may take a wrong turn.

7. Your relationship becomes toxic

Eventually, you will find that your relationship has become toxic as your partner is rarely focusing on positive things. Since your partner is not at all willing to stay in the relationship, is taking you for granted, your relationship can become toxic. Rather than trying to rekindle love, your partner may control you and threaten to leave you if anything goes wrong. So it is better that you avoid begging him or her to stay in the relationship.

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