Simphiwe Dana drags out sexual predator



Simphiwe Dana is not taking it easy with trolls who are coming after her daughter, Zazi following the post she shared.

The star shared a snap of herself with her daughter giving us the daughter-mother goals but some tweeps are not having it as they decide to come for the little girl.

The innocent snap shared was just to show Simphiwe’s face looking all snatched while her daughter was giving us the model look.

The suggestion was confirmed by her mother through a comment that was shared by a fan asking why Zazi was “mean mugging,” with Simphiwe explaining that she was channeling her inner Noami Campbell.

Simphiwe tagged the post: “Zazi and mommy”

Looking through Zazi’s Instagram page, one could say she is an aspiring model and her look sometimes might be scaring but she is trying to work really well on herself to become a supermodel.

Instead of giving good comments, a tweep decide to sexualize the teenager with their offensive comments.

They also went ahead to ask Simphiwe to hand over her daughter to them so they can raise her up.

Reacting to this, Simphiwe went ahead to give out details of who the predator is.

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