7 most overlooked reasons why you’re still single



There’s nothing wrong with being single. In fact, most of the happiest people have embraced singlehood and discovered the joys of living an independent and attachment-free life without feeling alone and lonely.

But what if you also want to share your most memorable days with someone special?

Sometimes, the happiness and independence of singlehood aren’t enough anymore that some people tend to try their luck at finding love.

Others easily succeed at it without even exerting much effort and finally meet the love of their life.

We all know that most of the time, destiny isn’t too willing to give us what we want. However, more often than not, it’s not destiny that’s the problem – it’s us.

Here are the most overlooked reasons why you are still single:

1. You’re not ready for a relationship

We’re not really ready for anything but when it comes to committing to a relationship, we have to be. For instance, being emotionally available to accommodate someone in your life is a good sign that you’re finally at that stage of building a healthy bond with another person.

It’s pretty obvious to a potential partner if you’re not mature enough for a serious commitment and the good ones won’t stay once they see that you’re not really ready for it.

2. You’re not confident enough to go out there

Have confidence in yourself and realize that there will be someone who will appreciate your existence – but how would they know it if you’re too shy hiding in your shell? Your comfort zone can protect you from anything but it will also keep you from getting good things that life has to offer.

3. You always play it safe

You’re not going anywhere if you don’t take risks. Learn to be brave enough to take risks especially when it comes to getting what you want. Remember that being a play-safer won’t get you anywhere – and won’t literally get you anyone.

If you like someone, make a move. If you think someone is interesting, take a risk and tell them how you feel. If someone trustworthy is asking you out on a date, take that risk and say “Yes”.

4. You don’t really think it matters

Your lack of interest in your love life won’t help you find the one. Sometimes, because of so many failed hopes, we give up and think that finding someone to love you doesn’t matter anymore – even if deep inside, you know it does but you’re just too frustrated and upset that whatever you did didn’t work. It won’t hurt to try again – or maybe it would but what’s more important is you did what you can, right?

5. You’re too scared to let others be in your life

Some past lovers didn’t really leave a good mark and sometimes, we even got our hearts broken. The result is, that seemingly reasonable fear of loving again and letting someone have the chance to hurt you again. Being too scared of letting others be in your life can hurt your chances of finally meeting that person who will truly and genuinely love you. Realize that not everyone is going to hurt you. Give it another chance.

6. You’re not good at keeping relationships

What if someone really wants to be with you but is just too scared to make the mistakes that others did when they chose you? What if that someone knew too well how terrible you are at keeping relationships? The good ones will take a risk but you also have to do your part. Reflect on your past mistakes and do something to change what needs to be changed.

7. You’re too reserved and cautious

These qualities are good for survival and keeping yourself safe from harm caused by events and people but they will also serve as a guarded prison that will prevent you from spreading your wings to fully enjoy what life and love has to offer.