Candice Modiselle clears fans she has no Facebook account



Candice Modiselle is tired of those who create fake account just to extort from people.

Taking to social media, the star expressed her disbelieve on fake profiles using her name on Facebook.

Although this is not the first time SA celebrities have complained but Candice’s case is just on another level.

Having gone and searched her name on Facebook, Candice realized just how many people have tried to create a fake profile using her name and her pictures as they act like her.

Candice could not keep it but to tell her followers how crazy it is to see something like that.

She said: “Look, I knew the catfishing was bad ne, but definitely not to this extent. Over 50 accounts? I just…”

In conclusion, she made it clear that she has no Facebook account as she warns her fans not to fall into any trap.

Candice said: “I don’t have Facebook. If a “Candice Modiselle” interacts with you, makes promises to you about job opportunities, asks for money etc, it’s a fake account. I don’t have Facebook at all.”




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