K.O gives proper clarification on what he meant by “I’ve been dealing with Demons”



K.O is out to give a deeper understanding on what he really meant by the line “I’ve been dealing With Demons”.

One thing aboutb K.O is that he tries as much as possible to pass a reasonable message in his music and many of his fans are really enjoying him.

K.O said: “Something like a fashion statement, then you later witnessed/How they crucified me, I was at my lowest now I’m recalibrated/I’ve been dealing with demons angisenalo uthando/Ngiyacav’ abaningi abafuni ngi-wine they want me fumble”

He explained that: “Been dealing with demons… but joy is a choice I feel, I regained mine by finally accepting the fact that you can’t please everyone. As long as you do good the universe will reward you.”

See tweet below:

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