Why you shouldn’t flaunt your relationship on social media



Social media can be way more fun when you can post photos and videos of that special someone you enjoying spending time with on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snap chat.

However, it can be dangerous to any relationship if used incorrectly. In most cases you might want to think twice before posting “Best hubby ever!!!! #blessed” or “amazing day with bae” on Facebook or Instagram.

When you post lovely, affectionate updates, your friends don’t exactly react the way you might expect. Below are 5 things to consider before posting your relationship on social media:

1. It makes public what is meant to be private

I believe that romance is one of those things that is meant to be private, but it seems that once you change your relationship status the force of Facebook is working against you.

2. It gives haters an opportunity to “prey” on your ”bae” or ”boo”

Once you upload a picture and you’ve tagged your “bae” your followers will follow or send a friend request to your new boo. Then they start going through photos of him/her making an assessment of who they are, trying to find something bad to say about them, while some may go to the extent of flirting with them online to try and get them to engage.

3. It promotes drama

Even if you only have a few friends on social media, you never know who might take a screenshot of something you post and share it.

4. It can cause a competitive element in your relationship

A good number of couples get into arguments about who posts more pictures of them together on Facebook or Instagram etc.

5. It creates a major dilemma if you break u

Now that you have a permanent online footprint that you were with this person. Do you keep the pictures up or do you take them down? How do you explain them to the next person you are with.

Remember don’t let social media negatively affect your relationship. Express appreciation for your partner, communicate with each other, maintain boundaries between your real life and your cyber life and don’t share too much you’ll both be much happier.

Keeping your relationship healthy online doesn’t take a lot of effort, and in the long run, it will make the relationship more likely to last.

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