6 texts you should never send to your Ex after a break up



It’s difficult to cope with break up, especially if you still care about your ex.

And it’s easy to think that striking up a flirty conversation with your ex will lead to something more or  sending them a page long wall of text about how wrong they were will make them see the error of their ways.

Here are 6 text messages you should never send to your ex love:

1. “I miss you”

Wanting to reach out to the person you miss and tell them you miss them isn’t unreasonable, doing so will only make the healing process harder. Instead reach out to trusted family and friends and open up to them about your grief.

2. Congrats on your new relationship

It’s no longer acceptable to text once you discover that your ex has a new relationship. This is very important to note considering the fact that before you can truly be happy for your former significant other and their newfound love; you first have to tend to your own wounds.

3. Can we still be friends?

When a relationship ends, you may find yourself feeling like the time you spent making memories and building a life with your partner was all for naught. The emotional debris caused by a breakup is often quite sharp around the edges. Attempting to be best friends with your former lover is a bad idea; a lot of insight can come with time and space apart. So before you text your ex a proposal of friendship, maybe try opening your meditation app and checking in with yourself.

4. Wanna come over?

Everyone gets lonely sometimes. And, whether they’ll admit to it or not, everyone has considered texting a former lover with the hope that they’d be interested in providing a bit of familiar company. However, getting intimate with an ex soon after a breakup will generally only serve to make the healing process longer and more difficult to navigate. As fun as a one-night stand with an ex-lover may sound in theory, it’s almost never a good idea.

5. A revealing photo

If both parties have completely moved on from the relationship emotionally, a hook up or two likely won’t do much harm. If you have a long distance with your ex with whom you’re thinking of striking up a sexting conversation, put down your phone.

6.  Can we please give things another try?

Few things come close to the soul crushing feeling of having your heart broken by someone you love. While you’re wallowing in sadness, you’ll likely get the bright idea to pick up your phone and send your ex a text asking if they’re double-sure about their decision. And if they say they are, well, you still might feel inspired to ask them to reconsider.

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