Judith Sephuma reveals she is officially back to making music again



Judith Sephuma is finally out of her shell after she has been on a low for years in the music industry.

According to her statement, she has fallen in love with music all over again and many of her fans are happy she is finally back.

Recall, the star had her last album in 2017 and ever since then, she has been on low but sis is back with her latest album An African Christmas and she is ready to give out what it takes to get her fans back.

Few weeks ago, Somizi took to his Instagram to share that he is back to the music scene and will feature the award-winning jazz singer, Judith Sephuma’s upcoming album.

Judith, however, is making it official she is back as she took to her Instagram to make it known.

“So … yesterday we had such an amazing video shoot of one of the songs on my new album coming out tomorrow. I am in love with music again. I am in love with me again.

Judith concluded: “It has not been easy, if we don’t push, we won’t make it. So, we keep creating, believing God will see us through it all. We … I trust Him. I am just so grateful. That’s all!

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