9 tell-tale signs you are not ready for marriage



You may know your partner for some time now, you both are very much in love and yet you are sceptical about getting married to him/her.

In fact, it is also possible that a question may have been popped up before you and in a hurry, you said ‘yes’.

And because of this over a period of time, you doubt your decisions or even get cold feet. There is so much more than can happen and these are signs that you are not ready for a wedding.

We have listed a few signs that may help you to calm down and rethink about your choices.

1. You feel dreadful even at the mention of marriage

You may get excited as soon as you get to know that your friends are getting married or your cousin is about to tie the knot with his/her love interest. You may start the preparations for enjoying the wedding and making numerous memories. But when it comes to you getting married, you may feel dreadful and shocked. It may make you feel uncomfortable and sick. In fact, you may ask your parents and relatives to stop thinking about your marriage.

2. You find it boring to get married

It’s not only about dreading over the slightest mention of your marriage, but also about what you think of it. Do you find it quite boring to get married to a person and then spending the rest of your life with him/her? Do you feel that concept of marriage does fit in your theory of life? Well, then this can be one of the signs that you’re still not ready for getting married.

3. You do not want to take up the responsibilities

As mentioned above, marriage comes with never-ending responsibilities. The moment you get married to someone, you will be supposed to fulfil numerous responsibilities in the coming years. And if this worries and stops you from tying the knot, then we understand you. Every couple that ties the nuptials are expected to stay together while looking after each other’s family, relatives, friends, concerns, and much more. Even if you deny taking up these responsibilities, you can’t keep yourself untouched by the same.

4. You have just started dating each other

If you have just started dating each other or have known each other for not more than a few months or one year, then it can be possible that you are not ready for marriage. You can be not sure of whether you are right for each other or may not be in a committed relationship. As a result, you may not be having complete trust in each other. These reasons can make you feel like not getting married for at least a few years.

5. You do not want to parent a child

It is obvious that once you get married, you will soon become parents to an adorable kid(s). You will be then looking after them and trying to fulfil each and every responsibility of a parent. Though it is not a piece of cake, people still ace their role as a parent. But does this scare you and make you feel dreadful? Do you never want to parent a child? Well, then this shows that you may not be ready for getting married to someone.

6. You argue with each other every now and then

There are no such couples who do not argue over things. They often express their disagreement over various things and argue on little things. Not only this, but couples keep arguing even after getting married to each other owing to the fact that they have different perspectives and opinions. But if this makes you doubt your decision of being in a relationship with your partner, then it is pretty obvious that you aren’t ready for marriage.

7. You want to stay independent

This is one of the most common signs that tell if a person is ready to get married or not. Ask yourself if you want to share your life with someone? Do you feel the need of having a husband? Or is it that you feel getting married to someone will hinder your independence? You may feel that after getting married, you won’t be able to live your life as per your wish and will have to sacrifice your desires. If you feel this way, then this can be a tell-tale sign that you are not ready for getting married.

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