Sean Pages on getting married before having children



Sean Pages reveals he not ready to have a child out of wedlock.

It’s no news that many have decided to get pregnant or have a child without being married as they call themselves babydaddy or babymama.

In Sean’s case, he is not buying it and he is ready to wait at any point in time.

The star made it clear that he will first get married then have a child with his wife.

He explained that he always wanted to have kids but it has to be with someone he is willing to spend life with.

Sean wrote: “I actually love kids yazi, always wantedto have one of my own, but imold school; i want you to have a rock on your finger before i put that bun in your oven. kodwa nje malume cool kati ngi shoda nge mali ye lobola.”

The Blind rapper went on to jokingly add that his partner must “She gotta rock camouflage lingerie tho.”

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