7 truthful reasons why women cheat so easily



There are a large number of people who cheat on their better half, be it men or women. A survey was conducted in the year 2011 where it was seen that women tend to cheat more in comparison to men.

This survey revealed that only 19% of men were cheating on their girlfriends whereas 23% of women were reported cheating. This makes us wonder why women cheat so easily.

Sexual preference is not just the only reason why women cheat so easily, there are many more reasons to it.

We have listed 7 reasons why women cheat that easily. So, all the committed as well as single men out there, this is absolutely on what you need to pay attention to.

Here’s a list of them below:

1. Women fall in love very quickly!

While the reason for cheating given by most men can be lust, for women more often than not, it is love. Women are hungry for affection; they might fall in love with just anyone who shows in a little bit of affection. We see most women trying to play hard to get but almost always they make an easy target for guys who show them love. Women seem to be really fond of the constant falling in and out of love game.

2. Women love the existence of drama and a little bit of gossip in their lives!

Trust me women were born that way! They are big time drama queens. Her evening coffee has to be accompanied with a plate full of gossip, that’s what she lives for.

3. Women crave for compliments!

Have you stopped complimenting her completely? Did you tell her how hot she looked in the red dress last night or about her new haircut that she has invested good chunks of money on? Just in case you didn’t, it’s time you forget her. The other guy is ready to take her away from right under your nose!

4. Women just ‘say’ they don’t want to stray!

Most women do think about going off track, it is very natural if another guy praises you much more and flirts with you, she may forget that she already has a steady boyfriend.

5. Women die for cravings!

Women love chocolate, diamonds and everything nice as well as expensive. Even though her own man may not be a very tidy person while on the other hand her co worker is really neat and well organised. It is natural that she would be drawn towards him, hence we can say that women crave men that are perfect in all aspects.

6. Women don’t learn from their mistakes!

Women are a bit of an adamant species. Women generally do not regret their mistakes and even when they do, they hardly learn from it. They know when they’re crossing the thin red line with another guy, but they just don’t try to put a stop to the guy because “they like the attention”.

7. Women think they’re too good

Almost all the women on earth think that they are too good for their man. Yes, women do suffer with superiority complex which may make them go ahead and stray on their guys. Obviously it’s easier to cheat when a better guy gets in to the scene.

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