DJ Ms Dippy recounts being violently mugged



Actress Hloni Padi, better known as DJ Ms Dippy, recounts her experience as she was violently mugged.

According to her, she said she was violently mugged on Monday and she is still p[resently in shock as she is still covered with bruises and pains.

Dippy said: “I got violently mugged yesterday . I’m still in so much shook , my body is bruised , I’m in pain … I’m just really not ok .”


Although she did not give much details of what really went down, but many of her fans and other celebrities had flooded the comment section to express their deepest apologies.

One of which is Cassper Nyovest who felt bad about what she went through and imagined how she might be feeling now.

He said: “I’m sorry this had to happen to you.”




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