53-Year-old Mzansi mom shows off her “mad” dance step



A young man has decided to put smile on the faces of many as he shared a hilarious video of his mother dancing to the popular house song, Amanikiniki.

The 53-year-old woman was seen showing off her moves while her husband and son watch her.

The short clip that was uploaded on Twitter was captioned hilariously by the young son, who could not believe his 53-year-old mom had all those killer moves left from her younger days.

Many were really impressed with the beautiful woman’s dance steps

It captioned: “Idk what my mom thinks this is, she’s 53 thinking she’s 21.

Meanwhile, Mzansians loved it. Many of them said that the ‘yummy mummy’ was a whole vibe.

A lot of them however were left laughing out loud after hearing the woman’s husband question whether or not he was the blesser she was singing about.

Watch video below:

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