7 communication problems in any relationship



Communication is a very important aspect in relationships. Both individuals should be communicative in nature and should not refrain from sharing their thoughts with their partner.

Lack of communication gives rise to conflicts and makes things ugly. To ensure that you have a healthy relationship that lasts for a long time, you must communicate with your partner and develop good understanding with them.

There are some people who are very communicative and then, there are some who are not good at expressing themselves.

Communication problems in a relationship could arise because of several reasons. There are various factors that lead to lack of or no communication between two people.

Here are 7 communication problems in any relationship:

1. Distance

Distance is the most common and a fatal problem that drives two people apart. Very few people manage to sustain long distance relationships for a long period of time. A relationship in which each of the partners is at a far off distance from the other takes a toll on one’s mind. There are people who are madly in love with their partners and do not mind the fact they are staying away from them. But, people who like to meet their partner everyday would find it hard to sail through a long distance relationship.

2. Social media

While social media has brought a lot of people close to each other, it has also resulted in a kind of communication between them . There is no real conversation happening between people and all they do is send messages or emails to each other. When you can go out and meet your partner, you should not rely on social media to get connected to them.

3. Language barrier

In this huge world, you meet people from different cities, states and countries. You could end up falling in love who does not understand your language and vice-versa. The language barrier does not stop you from falling in love with them but it could result in complications at a later stage. You could have difficulties in communicating with your partner as you do not understand what they speak and they are not well versed with the language you speak.

4. Being independent

Every person should be independent, not relying on somebody else. There are some people who take the term independent a bit too seriously and do not like to be helped out by anybody. We all need that little push in our lives and you should not stop your partner from supporting you in any way they want to. They are a part of your life and if you take their help once in a while, it would not make you any smaller.

5. Ego clashes

Inflated pride in oneself is something that has destroyed many relationships and created conflicts between people. You should not get carried away by unreasonable pride and not let your ego come to the fore in your relationship. Even if you feel your partner is not being fair to you, you must be calm and patient with them. Let them come back to their normal selves.

6. Being too indirect

There are times when you do not say something to your partner as you know it will hurt them. You put across the thing indirectly and drop hints at them hoping they would understand your gestures. It is important to be speak your heart out to your partner. They know whatever you will say would be for their good. Do not shy away from expressing what you wish to.

7. Selfishness

If you are a selfish person and think only about your own interests, your partner would never want to talk to you. They know you are only interested in your own good and not concerned about them. So why should they talk to you? When you are in a relationship, you have to let go of your selfish nature and turn over a new leaf.

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