8 signs of dishonesty in a relationship that push couples apart



Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. If you’re seeing signs of dishonesty in a relationship, it isn’t going to last long and if it does last, well, it won’t be a happy one.

You don’t want to have this feeling that your partner isn’t telling you everything. Of course, your partner doesn’t have to tell you every small thing they do in their day, but there are some topics that should be discussed.

If you’re reading this, odds are you’re not completely sure about your partner. You thought you trusted them, but something is telling you that you need to keep your eye on them.

Now, why would that be? Of course, if you’re someone who has jealousy issues, be mindful of them. Make sure this isn’t something fabricated in your mind. If what you’re feeling is genuine, then this is your instinct telling you that something isn’t right.

Here are 8 signs of dishonesty in a relationship you should be aware of:

1. They avoid eye contact

When we talk to people, we make eye contact with them. It’s normal. However, there are only a few cases why we would avoid eye contact. But in any case, we’re trying to avoid looking at them. If your partner is avoiding eye contact when speaking with you, it’s a sign something is going on.

2. They don’t tell you where they are

You don’t really know what they do during the day. Of course, you don’t need to tell your partner every little thing you do, but when you ask them what they did today or where they are at that very moment, they seem to avoid the question. Why? What’s the big deal?

3. Their behavior has changed

They used to be open with you, but you’ve noticed their behavior has changed. And this is a big one. Of course, they could be stressed with work or school, but if you’re noticing other signs from this list, then it’s something else.

4. They exaggerate

When your partner tells you a story, they tend to exaggerate it. They add dramatic scenes that didn’t happen in real life and add in unspoken dialogue. Now, we all exaggerate now and then, but if your partner does this with everything they talk about, you need to wonder why they’re doing it. Why can’t they just tell you what actually happened?

5. They seem a little paranoid

When you’re around them, and their phone receives a notification, they respond with paranoia. They won’t look at their phone, or they’ll turn it away so you can’t see the screen. Obviously, they don’t want you to see something. If they’re paranoid around you, there’s a reason why. 

6. They always have an excuse

It seems for whatever they do, they have a perfectly good explanation for why they did what they did. They make sure to shift the blame onto someone else. If they were late for dinner, they blame it on their battery dying or the car not starting. Of course, this happens alongside other signs on this list.

7. Their social media doesn’t match what they’re telling you

When you go on their social media, you’re not really on it. If anything, their social media doesn’t reflect their reality. Maybe they told you they’re going somewhere, but on social media, it shows differently.

8. Someone has told you that your partner is lying

Now, of course, it can be a little hard to believe someone when they tell you something negative about your partner. And you should also look at who the person is. However, if someone is telling you that they’re lying to you, don’t let it pass. This is something you should look into.

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