Emtee reveals his wife has been allegedly abusing him for years



Emtee is not having it again as the mother of his two children keep abusing him.

According to him, his wife has allegedly choked and bruised him for years and he is tired.

Emtee tweeted that he is currently in a friend’s place making these tweets because she allegedly took the keys to their home and left.

However, Emtee has threatened to breakup with her as he can not continue to live like that.

Emtee tweeted: “I haven’t freshened up in two days cos I can’t stand being in the same room as this person. She’s hit me, bruised me and choked me over the years so I’m scared.”

He went on to say he can’t continue the relationship again as he stated his kids will have to forgive him.

Emtee continued:

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