Minnie Dlamini sends shoutout to parents raising their kids: “Nothing great ever comes easy”



Minnie Dlamini is now in a new phase in her life and she is grateful for all the support she is getting.

The star announced the arrival of her baby boy yesterday and since then, she has been getting congratulatory messages from fans and loved ones.

Minnie took everyone by surprise in September after she announced she is pregnant as she shows off baby bump.

Well, the baby is finally here as she shared a snap she took.

The new mother took to her Twitter to show respect to parents who are doing all they can to raise their kids.

According to her, the experience is no joke but she is grateful she is getting all the support she wants most especially from her husband and her mom.

Even though is just a day since she announced the arrival of her bundle of joy, Minnie is definitely not use to such life but she would adapt soon.

Minnie said: “Mad respect to all parents doing their best at raising their kids. This experience is no joke!!! So blessed to have such amazing support, my moms and most especially my amazing husband (I could cry at how great he is with the kids. Nothing great ever comes easy”

See tweet below:

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