A good player or con artist will successfully make you trust them and then flee away with a large sum of money or will completely destroy your faith in relationships.

They are secretive, scary and extremely confident. They are everywhere.

If you want to be safe from such people, then it will help to know that the below list of zodiac signs can turn out to be the biggest players:

1. Virgo

Their necessity to obtain something from you will drive them to play with you, that too in every different way. They are too obsessed about their goals and won’t care about anyone in order to meet their ultimate goal. So, when they’re done with you, they won’t even look back. They may also block you!

2. Capricorn

They tend to take control of situations to their advantage. However, by chance, if you get to know their antics, they can spiral the situation to deflect the fact that they’re playing you and not the other way around. They also love to lash out on others, when things don’t go according to the plan. Capricorns are also capable of leaving you once they’re done with their job.

3. Aquarius

People of this zodiac sign give false hopes to people, in the first go itself. However, when the time comes, they will step back from their offer and will make you feel deserted and disheartened. They are extremely deceptive and will completely break your spirit even before you have the chance to recover from it.

4. Scorpio

Scorpios are considered to be the biggest players among the whole lot. They are very clever and manipulative and so, can take advantage of your emotions to play out their plan very well. It’s difficult to shake off the charm of a Scorpian and even if you’re difficult to please, Scorpios will make sure that they win the fight.

5. Pisces

Avoid giving money to this zodiac sign at all. If you lend them money, they will consider it as a gift and keep the money, never to return it back to you. They will fight relentlessly to get their way, and so if they have to be aggressive about it, they will surely not step back. They are also a firm believer of, ‘go big or go home’.

6. Taurus

Their stubborn nature can make them do and get anything they want. Whether they have to play you, or steal, fight against you, nothing will stop them from their wishes. They are also upfront with their feelings, thus, they won’t hesitate to tell you the truth. They also prefer to be blunt and up front with their actions.