Tbo Touch reacts to claims of being xenophobic



Radio personality, Tbo Touch is dragged on social media for being xenophobic.

In response to the claim, he shared an experience of being robbed by an untraceable foreign criminals.

Those who say I’m Xenophobic can all jump. I’ve been robbed Gun-point with Thuli on her 3 trimester almost sustained a miscarriage and for 3 years I was told by @SAPoliceService forensic they have too many similar cases committed by untraceable foreign criminal.”

The TV personality goes on to clear the air, by saying he shouldn’t be misunderstood by his explanation, as being xenophobic is different from being patriotic.

According to Tbo, he is just being patriotic.

“Can we please not misinterpret Xenophobia & Patriotism. Being Pro-South African don’t mean you’re Xenophobic. Everybody must be proud of their nationality! The highest office in society is citizenship,” he added.

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