These are the 5 ways you can tell if someone is about to ghost you



Ghosting is now a common term that is used in the modern age dating world. The phenomenon of ghosting someone refers to the act of cutting off someone while you’re dating or talking to them.

It is the act in which you end all sorts of communication with them without giving any explanation or a reason. This may lead to an unpleasant situation for the person on the receiving end of getting ghosted by someone.

By all means, people avoid getting ghosted for several reasons as it is an unfair situation to be in. Ghosting means getting cut off without communication or closure.

It leaves you wondering where you went wrong and you have several questions on your mind that have no answers.

In order to avoid getting into this awkward situation of being ghosted by someone, you can read the signs and prepare well in advance that you’re about to be ghosted.

1. You start getting one word replies

This an early sign of getting ghosted by someone. If they respond to your long paragraphs with just one word replies then it is not a good sign and you’re about to be ghosted.

2. Late replies

Another sign to look at while texting is late replies. It is a fact that we have our mobile phones with us 24×7 and it takes 2 minutes to reply or send a message saying you are busy right now and will take later.

3. Disappearing for hours

Disappearing for hours without any reason and seeing them online on social media is another type of hurt. Being seen zoned and them taking hours to reply to your message is a sure sign that you are on the path to being ghosted.

4. Bails on you

If he/she keeps cancelling all your plans in the early stage it is a clear sign of ghosting. If they suddenly come up with excuses for not having time for you then you know what you’re headed towards.

5. Starts acting distant

Everything seems fine over text but as soon you meet them, they start acting distant. When they are acting cold towards you in person then start getting ready to be ghosted.

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