6 ways to apologise to your partner after an argument



Being in a fix about what to tell your partner after an argument is normal. Couples struggle to find ways to apologise to their partner.

Couples who fail to have an open communication with each other, face this problem frequently. Nevertheless, being honest about your mistake and accepting it is the first step towards seeking forgiveness from your partner.

Apologising may only be some words, but they hold a greater meaning to it. So, we bring you a list of ways to say sorry to your partner if you’ve hit the rock:

1. “Let us talk about this calmly tomorrow”

Giving your partner and yourself the opportunity to think it over and calmly talk about it the next day is the best thing to do, at the moment. Avoid trying to clear the argument while both of you are on a heated level. In this time, it’s best to take time off, rather than lead the discussion further.

2. “I feel we should keep this behind us, to keep us happier”

If you’re trying to smoothen things out, try being collective and speak in a ‘together-sense’ meaning, you both are in this. Don’t let your partner feel that they are the only one the argument, so if you feel that keeping this particular fight behind you, together, then it can definitely improve the situation.

3. “What can I do to make things right?”

Asking your partner what to do to make things right, can ease the situation. This way, your partner will feel valued that even amidst a fight, you’re taking their feelings into consideration. You will also feel light-hearted once you ask this because your partner will also tend to ask you similar questions to ease the tension between you too.

4. “I understand what you’re feeling”

This is probably the best, justified response after a fight. Since understanding is one of the most important bases in a relationship, relaying it practically can be a smart choice. Telling this to your partner can mean that you’re ready to stop and listen more about what they are feeling. Sit down and then listen to what more your partner has to say.

5. “I’ll work on my mistakes, for sure”

Giving your partner a promise to work on your own issues will portray yourself in a better light and will also make way for better communication. People often fail to work on themselves and end up blaming the other person entirely for a fight. It’s important to realise and accept one’s mistake and also acknowledge the fact of making it up too.

6. “I’m sorry”

This is probably the simplest thing you can tell your partner after an argument. This two-worded feeling can bring down all emotions of anger, frustration or even resentment. If you truly feel apologetic, simply tell your partner this. They will surely appreciate your honesty and approach.

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