Lady recounts how she travelled to Jozi for a scam interview



A young lady has not been herself after she had to travel all the way to Johannesburg for a job interview but got there to realize it’s a scam.

The lady felt really disappointed upon arriving Jozi and find out it wasn’t what she signed up for.

Taking to Twitter, @gomii_meje explained how she had left her home after receiving news that she had an interview in the City of Gold.

Many had sympathized with her while others blamed her for not doing a thorough investigation before going for the interview.

“Not me coming to Jozi for an interview only to find out it ain’t legit,” wrote the broken hearted Gomii.

However, it looks like she is not the only one who has been in that situation as many shared their experience on how they too were caught or nearly caught by those looking to scam hopeful job-seekers.

Check out some of their experiences:

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