Watch: Nadia Jaftha pulls the towel prank on her mom, fans react



Nadia Jaftha has joined the group of people doing the #TowelChallenge.

The #Towelchallenge has been going viral for weeks now and many people have participated in it.

You film yourself dancing whilst wrapped in a towel, teasing the camera as if you are about to take the towel off. To viewers, it looks like the person is completely naked.

But, at the end of the video the person drops the towel and actually appears to be fully clothed! It’s a good trick.

Well, Nadia decided to play the prank on her mom and yes it turns out well.

Nadia is seen wearing a towel wrapped around her body and talking to the camera as if she were addressing her fans while her mom was in the room.

She told fans that she had a rash underneath her towel. As she was about to drop the towel to reveal all, Mama Jaftha swooped in to save her daughter.

Her mother reacted to this strongly as she thought her daughter was going to show her nakedness to the world.

Needless to say, Nadia’s mother wasn’t too happy when she found out that it was all a prank.

Watch video below:

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