7 things you miss out on when you stay in a bad relationship



You can definitely have a happy life without a relationship, but a healthy connection with the right person tends to enhance all the good things in your life.

Conversely, a toxic situation will have you missing out on all sorts of important, joyous things in life.

Here are 7 things a bad relationship will keep you from experiencing in life:

1. Time for yourself

Personal time and space can be hard to come by in any relationship, but when you’re in one that sucks the life out of you, it’s something you get further and further away from the longer you stay in it. Me-time is supposed to help you recharge your batteries but if you’re constantly exhausted from the stress you’re under caused by your terrible union, it will never feel like enough when you do get time to yourself.

2. Finding new passions

You’d be hard-pressed to find a person that has a new passion every year or even every five years. People generally have to go out of their way to experience new things to find out if they could be passionate about something. When it comes to being in a bad relationship, you’ll never experience anything new. You’ll be stuck in the same-old for as long as you stay with your less-than-ideal partner.

3. Personal growth

You’ll never experience any level of personal advancement if you’re stuck in a bad relationship. It’s just straight facts. You’ll never get out of your shell, meet new people, or even feel the need to go for something different because you’ll be too busy living in the comfort of dissatisfaction. Personal growth should always be in progress and a bad relationship will stall it in its tracks.

4. Other potential partners

No one in a relationship should be actively looking for potential new partners, but if you know that your relationship isn’t good and you’re sticking around anyway, you’re basically telling yourself that there’s nothing better out there for you. There are so many people you could meet and possibly fall in love with if you just got off the bumpy relationship ride at the next station instead of riding it to the end of the line.

5. Strengthening other bonds

Being in a bad relationship will stifle the bonds you have with both your friends and family. If you’re the type that likes to keep the negative aspects of your relationship from those closest to you, it will create an air of withholding between those you love most. If you tell all your family and friends about the horrible parts of your relationship, they’ll just worry and wonder why you’re sticking around. Bad relationships are bad for every other relationship in your life and no matter how you deal with it, it’s a lose-lose.

6. Great sex

You can’t have that great of a time in the bedroom with someone you’re no longer infatuated with. Sure, the sex can be good, but it will never be great and that’s a huge problem. Sex should be a sensual, romantic, and pleasure-filled time and a bad relationship will just keep you away from having satisfying experiences in the bedroom.

7. Staying young for as long as humanely possible

Stress makes us age so much faster, and when you’re in a bad relationship, you’d better believe that your levels of stress are reaching dangerous levels. Getting old isn’t a bad thing, but losing your childlike wonder is.  Stress caused by a bad relationship will send the young-at-heart part of you packing if you’re not careful.

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