Mihlali slams parents who blames celebrities for their children’s behaviour



Mihlali is not having it with parents who feel celebrities need to set a good example for their children.

The star has decided to hit back at parents asking them to think again revealing she is not here for any of that as she has other things to pay more attention to.

This is as a result of a Twitter exchange with a tweep who criticised her for tweeting that she believed in a man more than she believed in herself.

We are in the 21st century and most people loves to have role models who take look up to but Mihlali has made it clear to them that they should stop putting unnecessary pressure on celebrity.

According to her, they do not have the right to blame anyone for their children’s behavior no matter which celebrity they love.

With the tweep calling out Mihlali for being a “bad” role model to the younger generation, the YouTube sensation hit back, saying, “Khayophangela”, simply telling the tweep to “Go to work” as she felt her initial tweet was nothing but her being sarcastic.

Thinking that was all, the star decided to clarify things.

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