How to make your Ex miss you after a breakup



Your ex could already be sharing some of your feelings since your both parted away that you necessarily do not have to do a thing for that to happen.

That this holds to be true, it does not also contradict the fact that your ex has moved on but there are things to do to make your ex miss you badly.

This post is specially baked to equip you with things to do to make your ex miss you, so you both could still get together or for the purpose to make him/her realized his/her mistakes and begin to miss those old good times.

But this isn’t as easy as it sounds, there’s more to making your ex miss you and keep him for good.

If you plan to make your ex fall in love with you again, here’s a special guide on how to get back your ex without looking desperate:

1. Don’t be so desperate, texting and calling your ex

Don’t give your ex the impression that you’re the one who needs the relationship the most, contacting your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend a few days after a breakup is odd. It is against the no contact rule. Stay in no contact with him, for the meantime stop the texting, and calling, do not be way desperate about the process. Allow yourself some time.

2. Take some time to fix yourself

Mingle with friends to catch some fun, and learn the art of being single and independent. Becoming independent comes with a new dimension to bring your ex back quickly as you now appear more attractive because you’re healthier and have discovered how happy you can make yourself be without him/her.

3. Do not call or text your ex back

It is possible that your ex wants you back so quickly to help him fix himself from being hurt.

Do not give in to that quickly, regardless of the frequency of calls and the number of text messages from your ex. To be sure your ex really miss you, wait for a while and see what the situation unfolds. Remember patience is a virtue.

4. Do not stalk your ex

If you’re stalking your ex after a breakup then you’re wrong. You can end up losing them entirely.

Stop physically stalking like, trying things possible to make sure you come to their ways so they will notice you, your new dress or hairstyle.

5. Don’t showcase your sadness

It hurts to be dumped and left with the thoughts “will my ex get in touch with me?“, “will ex ever reach out to me and regret ever dumping me?” all these thoughts can push you to some acts that are not advisable for making your ex miss you.

Regardless of how you feel, do not acknowledge your sadness, sharing how bad you feel on social media so they could see, is a bad practice.

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