Mlindo The Vocalist denies being drunk on stage, apologises for his actions



Mlindo The Vocalist has been all over social media following his “drunk” video that went viral.

The star found himself trending on Twitter yesterday evening.

In the video that went viral, the star was seen struggling to perform on stage while at a gig in Soshanguve, Tshwane, at the weekend.

The video, shared by a tweep who was at the gig, shows Mlindo falling on stage while his team members attempt to carry him off the stage.

Watch video below:

Seeing the video, his fans were left wondering what could have happened to him as he looks like he was wasted.

Reacting to this, Mlindo took to social media and released a statement apologising to his fans and supporters for his behaviour. He also said he would do better next time.

“I would like to sincerely apologise to my supporters and everyone for everything that took place in this past weekend … I will not get into details but I take full responsibility of my actions, and I will not blame it on anyone but myself.

“I will be better and act better next time.”

Mlindo also went on to claim that he wasn’t drunk as he had only lost balance due to his old knee injury.

““I have a problem with my knees and yesterday [Monday] the venue was packed and the stage was wet.

“I was performing the last song of the evening and someone pulled me into the crowd and I couldn’t get up, which is why a bodyguard had to come and pick me up. After seeing the videos I can see why people thought I was drunk but I was not. I had been performing well until then”.

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