Full story behind Mlindo The Vocalist’s drunk viral video


Mlindo The Vocalist trended few days ago after a video of him being drunk at a gig went viral.

The singer took to social media to apologize and took upon himself the blame.

Though, it was revealed that he had a knee injury, that was why he seemed like he was unstable on stage when he ought to perform.

Nyiko Bilankulu who is Mlindo’s manager spoke to Daily Sun about the incident.

“With my experience, I wouldn’t let Mlindo go on stage drunk. I’d rather postpone the performance or stop him from getting on stage.”

“Anyway, he went on stage and started performing. During the performance, I think he was too excited, and took a drink from the crowd and drank it.”

“He was fine for a while, We don’t know if the drink was to strong, or if it was spiked, but he became drowsy.”

Nyiko spoke about how the knee injury added to the incident.

“I think the alcohol from the fan contributed to him falling, causing pain to his knee.”

The manager explained that the reason he was supported off stage, was because of the injury, and due to the crowd.

Mlindo was taken to the hospital, and the doctor flushed the toxins off his body.

It was further revealed that the knee is gradually healing, but it won’t stop him from performing, as he has a gig on the 4th of December.

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