Sho Madjozi explains the meaning of her latest song, “Di Hawks”



Sho Madjozi shared a video of herself and two other girls vibing to her new song, Di Hawks as she gave a breakdown of what the song really mean.

The star has been all over social media for days but this time around, she decided to give her fans a breakdown of what “Di Hawks” really mean.

Sho provided the English version of the lyrics so that others could understand what she was singing about.

Madjozi revealed that Di Hawks is a “love letter” to the law enforcement unit with the same name.

She hilariously tells the story of a big spender who was subsequently arrested by the Hawks.

The Hawks have been on an arresting spree lately and detaining all those who have been siphoning state funds.

Sho expressed her gratitude to the crime unit for helping capture the trouble-makers.

Watch video below:


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