7 things you can do to make your crush notice you



Do you have a crush on somebody but he/she hasn’t noticed you yet? Are you eager to make yourself visible to that person?

There’s no denying that all of us want our love interests to notice us and consider as a potential partner. But there can be times when your crush may not notice you even though you have tried your best.

In that case, instead of feeling depressed and heartbroken, you can try doing these things to make your crush notice you.

In order to know what could be those things that you can do to make your crush notice you, scroll down the article to read more.

1. Work on your fashion sense

One of the best ways to make your crush notice you is by working on your fashion sense and taking proper care of your flaws. You can think of bringing some changes to your hairstyle and choice of dresses. Not only this but you can also wear the same colour as your crush. You can notice the favourite colour of your crush and think of including that colour in your wardrobe.

2. Develop a friendship bond with him/her

Another way of making your crush notice you is by developing a friendship bond with him/her. For this, you can first try initiating small talk with your crush and thus you can start developing a bond. After all, friendship can form a strong foundation for a relationship. By being friends with your crush, you can know him/her in a better way. This will also help you in getting noticed by him/her.

3. Appreciate his/her work

It is obvious that you would be impressed by your crush and so you can try appreciating his/her work and efforts. This is because all of us love being appreciated, provided the appreciation is genuine. Therefore, instead of giving fake compliments, praise him/her for genuine reasons. By doing so you will make him/her feel special and worthy.

4. Be responsible for your work

One of the best ways to make your crush notice you is by being responsible for your work and career. This is because when you work hard for securing your future, you seem to be serious and responsible in your life. This shows you have priorities in your life and you are working hard to fulfill your dreams. Once you start focusing genuinely on your career then we bet you, your crush will surely notice you.

5. Take part in his/her interests

If you are comfortable enough to take part in his/her interests, then you should try doing the same. For example, if your crush plays football then you can think of participating in the game. In case, you aren’t so good enough in his/her area of interest, you can ask your crush to help you in learning. This way he/she will get to know you and will develop some likings for you.

6. Don’t be too desperate for him/her

Just because you are eager to get noticed by your crush doesn’t mean you will act desperate. The moment you show your desperation, your crush will turn a blind eye towards you and will think of you as a person who has nothing to do. Instead of considering you as a potential partner, your crush may find you annoying. This will then ruin your chances of impressing your crush.

7. Show your genuine concern for that person

Caring for a person can bring you closer to that person. When you care for a person then it shows that person holds a special place in your life. The person will value your efforts of making him/her smile even during the darkest of times. As a result, he/she certainty tries to develop a friendly bond with you. Thus, genuinely caring for your crush can help you in getting noticed by your crush.

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