Bonnie Mbuli and Thishiwe Ziqubu on saying “no” to offers that doesn’t meet her standard



Actress Bonnie Mbuli and film director Thishiwe Ziqubu have revealed that some times saying “no” to an offer that doesn’t pay well helps a lot and open door for other opportunities.

The two shared their experience after seeing the magic of saying “no” to an offer that doesn’t give them any financial gain.

Taking to Twitter, Bonnie shared that she had walked away from a job after the client didn’t know what they wanted.

Bonnie tweeted: “Felt so good today to walk away from a job where a client didn’t know what they wanted & had no regard for my time and effort, i said no !an hour later got offered something more fun and way better paying from someone unexpected..there’s a magic that follows every time i say NO”

Thishiwe Ziqubu on the other hand agreed to Bonnie’s statement revealing that his 30s have been so scary as he was just dishing out so many No’s and kept it at the back of his mind where he would get his daily bread.

Thishiwe tweeted: “My 30s have been so scary, I’m dishing out so many No’s and that time wondering where bread and butter will come from. And it’s always so scary but when you stand up for Self and Self’s boundaries the Universe will always reward you without fail. Thank you for the added faith.”

Seeing what Thishiwe said, Bonnie declared that next year will be a year where she says “no” to offers she sees being of no use to her, regardless of how scared she might be of the outcome.

“Right ?! I’m naming 2021 the year of NO, it frees up more time for me to say YES to my true essence, but it’s definitely scary”