Read: Nozuko Ncayiyane shares her abuse experience in the past



Nozuko Ncayiyane has taken to her social media to share the abuse she witnessed at a tender age.

The star stated that it was a painful incidence and she is still healing even though it has been a long time.

Nozuko shared her story on December 10 which is SA’s 16 Days Of Activism.

According to her, she feels sharing the painful incident might help her to “be able to recognise real love, build strong boundaries and develop new and healthier patterns” for herself and her family.

Nozuko said: “Having experienced abuse from a young age, watching my stepdad(s) beat up my mom while she provided shelter for them, clothed and fed them while helping them to take care of their own families.”

“When I started dating, I fell straight into the same patterns. I remember the first slap from my first love, I never questioned it nor told anyone about it. My second love was even worse. He was emotionally, psychologically and sometimes physically abusive

In her post, she also shared a video where she showed some of the scars she has on her face and ear.

The actress said the video was taken in June 2019 where she knew she had had enough of being a victim of abuse, and one day wanted to be able to tell her story.

“The video in the last frame was taken beginning of June 2019. I knew I’ve had enough and that it would be ideal for me to share my story one day. I stayed in a toxic (on and off) relationship for three years — I was drained emotionally, psychologically, I suffered intense emotional and physical abuse and couldn’t recognise my own life anymore. Subsequently, I realised I had to break these patterns and take ownership of my life. Though it’s been a challenging rollercoaster, I’ve decided to prioritise my safety and happiness. It’s been over a year and a half of holistic healing and have become more aware than I have ever been,” Nozuko said.

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