6 reasons why men easily get bored in relationships



There could be any number of reasons why a man might lose interest in his girlfriend or wife.

However, it likely has very little to do with you and much more to do with the lack of excitement, thrill, passion, romance, and spontaneity in your relationship.

If you want to make sure that your relationship lasts, then you should familiarize yourself with the major reasons why men in relationships get bored so you will be able to find ways to prevent this from happening.

Here are 6 things that could probably makes a man get bored in a relationship:

1. You’re nagging and he’s tired of you screaming and making noise everyday

There are mature ways to settle conflict. Unnecessary drama will send him running for the hills. Generally, you want a man to see that you could be a good fit for him in the future and screaming and nagging constantly will only scare him away.

2. He’s a player – a user and abuser

Unfortunately, there’s a special species of men who will date you for their own good. Once they have what they wanted, they’re off. You have to be very weary of this kind cause they’re very charming and it’s easy to give in.

3. He’s commitment-phobic

Maybe, things are going too fast too soon and it’s all too intense for him. Commitment is a huge step especially after knowing someone for such a short time. Rarely will you find men committing before a year of dating someone. In fact, a man who takes things too fast – that’s a major red flag. Point I’m trying to drive home is, maybe he was just scared of the future and is not ready to commit and, he doesn’t want to hurt you either.

4. It’s human nature to change and want change

When you start seeing someone new, you’re discovering a lot about them, learning something everyday and spending quality time together. After some time, it’s monotonous, and it starts getting boring especially if you both do not do things to keep the flame burning. It’s like a 9-5 job. You’re doing the same thing over and over…with time, with no new challenges and tasks, you get really bored of the monotony and that’s the same with relationships. When you both stop trying, stop being romantic and stop doing the things you were doing early on in the relationship, one of you will definitely start getting bored.

5. The love has started to fade

It’s totally normal. That’s why in relationships, we have to go the extra mile. Spice things up a little bit in the bedroom and what not.

6. He’s cheated

And feels guilty about it. Or the cheating has made him change his mind about you. It happens.

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