7 disturbing facts about men with low self-esteem



Dealing with men who have low self-esteem is no small feat. This type of person has a completely twisted sense of self, and being with him cannot lead to a healthy relationship.

Unfortunately, women are known to put up with such behavior too often. But, having your every day ruined by your partner’s lack of self-confidence, which is chipping away at your healthy self-esteem is wrong!

Being in a long-term relationship with a man who has low self-esteem can hinder your growth and affect your mental health.

It’s important to pay attention to the red flags your partner exhibits and break up before things go too far. Here are 7 disturbing facts about men with low self-esteem:

1. He reacts poorly to constructive criticism

One of the biggest signs of low self-esteem is his inability to take any type of criticism. Every time you try to point out something that he might not like, he takes it personally. Everything is an attack and there is no reasoning with him. Even if you’re attempting to talk about these precise issues, he’ll accuse you of constantly picking fights.

2. He often “jokingly” puts you down

Oftentimes, this happens in front of your female friends. He insists that it’s a mere joke and you shouldn’t take it personally. Remember, when he puts you down, it’s not really about you. He’s just making up for his lack of self-confidence. When a person with low self-esteem puts you down, it’s because of their feelings of not being good enough.

3. He’s emotionally very needy, which often becomes draining

You probably have to be extra mindful of feelings, which is something you never had to do before. Things you’d normally say or do with someone else, you can’t dream of saying to him as he’d be crushed under the tiniest criticism.

4. He can’t keep anyone’s attention

He’s always jealous of his male friends for being able to hold conversations without anyone rolling eyes at them. When he starts a conversation he just forgets his train of thought. This, in turn, results in people not wanting to engage in any sort of communication with him cause it always ends up being awkward, uncomfortable, and deeply unnecessary.

5. He needs constant validation about everything he does

It’s fine if, sometimes, you’re unsure about doing something and seek a loved one’s validation. But, constantly depending on others to tell you that you’re doing okay and steer you in the right direction is just annoying. Needing constant confirmation is a quality of a sad, insecure man who doesn’t even want to get better.

6. He throws his accomplishments and abilities in your face

They are exceedingly self-important, which makes them gloat over any accomplishment. Even if you’re experiencing a particularly rough period, instead of consoling you and being sensitive to your feelings, he’ll blatantly blurt out how great things have been going for him.

7. He is a sore loser

Whether it’s a board game, real-life, or a work event, if he’s not the center of attention for being the best, he’ll be furious. They take everything way too seriously, almost as if it’s all a matter of life or death.

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