These 6 ‘taboo’ things can actually improve your relationship



Who decides what’s good and what’s bad for relationships? Especially when it’s your relationship and only you and your partner know exactly what’s going on between the two of you.

Yet society thinks it knows best, that’s why there exists so many rules as to what’s good for a couple and what they should never ever do.

But you know what? Only you and you alone can tell what harms your relationships and what makes them stronger. Here are 8 taboos that might actually save your relationships:

1. Sleeping in separate beds

Psychologists admit that if you’re sleeping in separate beds this is a sign that your relationships are in trouble. But when the decision is mutual and for whatever reason you both are happier sleeping in separate beds – then why not? There’s nothing wrong with it and it shouldn’t be a taboo.

2. Texting all the time

While messaging definitely helps people stay in touch, it can also become a little bit too much. Isn’t it better to wait till you have that special quality time together to discuss everything you want to discuss in private, face to face? Of course, texting can be a pretty romantic part of your relationships, but it is also fine if you and your partner don’t want to distract each other too much during the day. Whatever works for you!

3. Spend time without them

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to be together all the time. Having moments away from each other can actually improve your relationship, in a pretty significant way. If you’re in a committed, trusting relationship, this time apart can actually bring more to your relationship than you might expect— new conversations, how much they appreciate you and all you do, time to miss each other, etc.

4. Talk about exes

Things can easily go south when you start talking about yours or her exes, but it can also be a truly revealing process. Those people were part of your lives and made you who you are today, and that’s a good thing. Talking about exes shouldn’t be a taboo as it shows that you are over those relationships and can easily talk about them.

5. Talk about money

It’s impossible to be together and avoid the financial topic, after all, once you start sharing your life with another person, you also start sharing money, one way or another. Nevertheless, talking about financial issues and money in general became a taboo and a huge source of stress for many couples. But how are you willing to plan your life together if you don’t talk about money? You have to spill everything that’s on your mind!

6. Eat different things

We all have different eating habits and it can happen so that who you are, for example, a vegetarian, while your boyfriend enjoys meat dishes to the fullest. In a situation like this one should not sacrifice his own eating habits as it will definitely put a strain on relationships in the future and will make the person truly, deeply unhappy. Allow yourself to eat what and when you want it and see if the two of you have similar habits to enjoy at least a few meals together. Don’t even think about changing the other person’s habits – things like these are personal and should happen without intervention from outside.


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