“This year has actually been a lot” – Pearl Modiadie



Pearl Modiadie has taken to her social media to reveal what this year has been for her.

2020 has been a very difficult and rough year for a lot of people most especially when Covid-19 hit the world at large.

Many lost their jobs and loved ones during the pandemic and even with the fact people are still going out to find their daily bread, they are still yet to balance themselves.

Pearl on the other hand stated that she has gone through a lot this year.

The star welcomed her baby boy in September and she is grateful to God that she is still able to take care of her baby and work at the same time.

Pearl concluded that it has been a mess.

Pearl Modiadie captioned: “This year has actually been a lot… I’ve been through a lot. My only highlight is honestly having my baby and still being able to work. On the personal front, it has been a mess!”

Many of her followers took to the comment section to also share how this year has been for them.

See tweet below:

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