Top 10 business opportunities in South Africa



There are several ways to succeed in life, but engaging in business is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward ways to become wealthy.

First-time business persons often find it challenging to come up with ideas. Our step by step guide on the best-selling business ideas in the country should primarily inform your business prospects.

What are the new business opportunities? The question will remain unanswered as long as market needs exist. It is characteristic to note that human needs are insatiable, opening an extensive realm of opportunities to explore.

It is until you start exploring the South African business market that different opportunities will unfold. Here’s a list of the below:

1. Graphic design

So much potential remains untapped in the graphic design industry. There is a constant need for graphic works ranging from logos to media production. For instance, you can come up with print work for institutions or even edit the video according to the demands of clients. Computer designs are broad, opening a more significant opportunity for you to specialize and deliver value to your customers. Remember that satisfied clients will find their way back.

2. Mobile hairdresser services

Quality hairdressers are in demand even better when they are dynamic, making this one of the excellent small business ideas in South Africa. Whether it is hair trimming or salon, you can reach out to your clients and earn big. By moving from one place to another, you will lower your expenses and attain good earnings. Mobile hairdressing business will pick steadily with some light marketing. Start by ensuring that you have a good supply of the right equipment necessary for your job, and do excellent work so that your expertise can spread by word of mouth.

3. Online freelancer 

One of the internet business opportunities in South Africa is freelancing, which is becoming a major employer across the world where technology is changing faster than humans can consume. The business is not only more comfortable to start but also sustainable in the long run with minimal input as an investment. With freelancing, you do not have to leave your home for work. These jobs come with the freedom that calls for thorough time management skills. While on this idea, it is helpful to note that freelancing jobs pay well compared to most full-time jobs. Cases in point are blogging, website design, academic writing, SEO writing, e-marketing, social media influencing, statistical analysis, and online tutoring among others.

4. Marketing Services

Businesses and organizations are confronting fierce competition, which requires creative marketers to remain afloat. With a talented crew of marketers, such companies will not hesitate to allocate a good share of resources to successful marketers. A marketing agency with effective strategies will undoubtedly attract good pay. Start small taking advantage of the internet for low costs and high returns. While on this idea, you must be to outshine the rest.

5. Provide IT services

Information technology is arguably an integral part of human life and businesses. IT support is now required in government offices, corporates, and commercial setups among other centres. By taking care and maintaining these irreplaceable technological gadgets, you will attract good income. However much the field is now competitive, you can always make it to the top by marketing your skills correctly and focusing on quality.

6. E-commerce business 

E-commerce is becoming a part of people’s lives. One such good platform is eBay where most people have either sold or bought. If you already have a product or service that is on-demand, then eBay is a good platform. The business opportunity requires you to have internet access with a mastery of the platform, and it is among the business opportunities in South Africa under R10 000 that you can start if you have a computer and internet supply.

7. Local touring

It is always an advantage to stay at a place where other people would love to visit. Even better, this business opportunity blends with people who are outgoing and social to strangers. While meeting new people and chatting them up can be fun, you can earn by guiding tourists and addressing them with exciting information about a place or historical event.

8. Mowing services 

Not many people mow their grass by themselves any longer. As well, removing ice from the backyard has become a business opportunity. As days go by, families are becoming busier such that they must regularly seek labour for these services. Both snow removal and lawn care combine to constitute a well-paying business that will earn you all year long.

9. Try the art business

Aesthetics are almost replacing quality, and nothing achieves this effect better than the work of art. With the booming real estate industry, both interior and exterior paintings are offering thousands of jobs in South Africa. You can tap into perfect painting and related artistic work for triple income streams. One good thing about the business is that the idea is inexpensive to start, and it is less competitive because not many people can produce authentic design work.

10. Become a DJ 

If you are a big-time music fanatic and have a passion for entertaining, then Djing is a good business alternative for an extra income stream. It is interesting what big names such as DJ Black Coffee have accomplished in the industry. Start small and build your brand waiting patiently for the idea to deepen its roots. With your skills, you will receive well-paying invitations to parties, weddings, and high-status clubs.

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